The Property at a Glance:

$272,000usd 5 acres fenced Titled Bullet Tree Falls, Belize Off Grid Turn Key

The Property for Sale

The Bamboo Chicken Farm is Located in Bullet Tree Falls, Belize. It's just over 5 acres with 675 ft. of river frontage and has been landscaped and designed for easy maintenance.Flowers on the inside of the front fence at the Bamboo Chicken Farm in Bullet Tree Falls, Belize The main idea of the Bamboo Chicken Farm is sustainability and self-sufficiency. There are a number of fruit trees including: allspice, apple-banana, avocado, custard apple, grapefruit, guava, limes, Malay apple, mango, soursop and Surinam cherry. This property also has a number of non-fruiting trees such as: mahogany, neem, poor man's orchid, queen's flowers, rain tree, sapodilla and teak with plenty more room to add gardens or structures.


The House for Sale

This 2000sq. ft. house was made for life in Belize. To start, it was designed and built by a U.S. contractor and is to UBC code. The outside of the house has Bullet Tree and Cabbage Bark bat and board siding. Both of which are the ultimate in bug proofing. The open floor plan and louvered windows allow the breeze to move through the main living area, the kitchen and out the other side. On either side of the kitchen you'll find a bedroom with attached bathroom. Just outside the house is a 400sq. ft. covered patio complete with a hammock for napping and a lime tree for making a quick juice. There's also a lockable steel storage container for keeping all your tools put up and safe.


Living Off Grid

Living off grid is something a lot of people talk about, but few can implement without having to drastically alter their lives. At the Bamboo Chicken Farm, this very thing has been done. The water system encompasses a series of pumps and ponds.The solar house with panels on top at the Bamboo Chicken Farm, Bullet Tree Falls, Belize It allows for taking water out of the system at various points depending on the use of the water. 12-200 watt panels charge 20 deep cycle batteries that run through an Outback solar system and there's a 10KV backup generator for rainy days. This is all especially handy to have in Belize, since the quality of the water and power here isn't very good. Self-sufficiency and sustainability, that's the key.


All About Bullet Tree Falls, Belize

Some of the local kids in Bullet Tree Falls, BelizeBullet Tree Falls, Belize is a great little village. It's situated a mere 3 miles from the second largest town in Belize - San Ignacio. Bullet Tree (people don't usually say the falls) has around 3000 people living in it, a few small stores, a post office, soccer (football) field, a handful of bars and churches, a small restaurant or two and the beautiful Mopan River running right through the middle.

Each side of Bullet Tree has a distinct personality. The main side is about as bustling as a village of 3000 can be and the other side is a bit more laid back. The Bamboo Chicken Farm is located at the far end of the more mellow side, perhaps another 5min past the high bridge that separates the two sides of the village (Or a 45min float if you want to take the river.)